The company "EKKOKKISTIRIA THRAKIS S.A." was founded in 1996 aiming to make productive
usage  of  prime  quality seed cotton grown in the fields of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The
plant  facilities  are located within  the Industrial Area of Komotini  on 17.3 acres of land and
cover 16.500 sq. meters.

The  company's  production  unit  is  rated as  one of  the most up-to-date and technologically
advanced  ginning mills  worldwide. The  manufactured  products,  processed  cottoncotton
and by products gin motes, are traded in the Greek and the international market.

The  company's  commitment  to  satisfy  the  customer's  quality demands and raise its service
standards accounts for the constant scanning, monitoring and improvement in the quality of the
cotton    products,    constributting,    in   parallel,    to   the    general   amelioration   of   the
textile production chain.

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